Dive into a Great Book (Club)!

Professional learning comes in all shapes and sizes. Break from the traditional "sit and get" PD and tap into the power of a book club just for coaches. 

Book Club is a great way to learn from the top minds in education (and beyond) and exchange ideas about interpretation, implementation, and impact with other coaches who are combatting the same challenges at schools near and far. 

Read together, coach together.

Book Club is here to help you connect, learn, and grow!

Re-energize your approach to coaching with a good book and even better people.


Book selections rotate throughout the year with topics that will educate and inspire you to coach with impact. 

We provide a set of exercises to guide your reading and coordinate a virtual meet-up to connect with other book clubbers. 

You end each book club with new ideas for your coaching program and a new network of coaches to help you implement them!

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Book club is available at no extra cost for All-Access members. New book clubs open periodically throughout the year and we'd love to save a seat for you. Join the All-Access membership to get notified when the next club opens. 

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Right Now We're Reading: Switch, How to Change Things When Change is Hard


How do you change an entire school system?

Coaches have the monumental task of transforming instruction and learning on a massive scale. We support educators in shifting instructional practices that they have been using for YEARS. We advocate for change and support from school leadership. We examine data from thousands of students and a myriad of sources to provide sound counsel. 

But how do we change an entire system? This book provides a roadmap for achieving systemic change with minimal growing pains. It is especially applicable to our work as instructional coaches. Technology integration, data-informed decision making, behavior, literacy, math - whatever your coaching game is, you NEED this roadmap.

Take a Peek Inside

How does Book Club work?

Each book club lasts a total of 8-12 weeks, depending on the length of the book. All all-access members are welcome to participate in any book club (or all book clubs!) that they like! 

We understand that schedules fluctuate throughout the year and certain months may be more conducive to reading than others. Most of our selections have an audio book companion so that you can do double duty and "read" on your commutes or while you get groceries. 

Reading schedules are flexible. We provide a start and end date and a suggested reading timeline for coaches who like deadlines, but you are welcome to read at any pace that fits. Read it all in the first two weeks, all in the last two weeks, or in even intervals throughout- totally up to you! 

We provide reflective activities to guide your reading experience. These are meant to help you consider the content you read and reflect on it's application to your work as a coach. We recommend working through them as you read for maximum benefit, but we won't be collecting them, grading them, or sending any reports to your boss. 😉

End book club with a virtual book club meet-up. We'll set a time to hop on a virtual meeting and discuss our take-aways, ah-has, questions, and general thoughts. This is a great time to connect with other like-minded coaches who are going through the same challenges as you! (And who are absolutely crushing it.)


Here's the short & sweet:


  • Set the title
  • Provide a suggested reading timeline
  • Provide activities to guide your reading
  • Organize a virtual book club meet up. 


  • Grab a copy (or download) of the book
  • Read at your own pace
  • Dig deeper with our reflection activities
  • Connect with other game-changing coaches at the virtual meet-up

Together we change the course of instruction and student learning for the better. (And read cool books.) 

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