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We are a team of former teachers turned instructional coaches. We believe that coaches have the power to change the course of student learning for the better.

We're here to create a fun community of continuous learning and support for coaches. 


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Forward Edge began as a technology service provider for schools in Southwest Ohio. 


There was a noticeable disconnect in technology investment and technology impact in the classroom. Districts were spending large sums of money on technology infrastructure for their schools but technology was not being integrated into the classroom in a meaningful way. The Curriculum and Integration team was created to bridge that gap! A small team of coaches set out to train teachers in effective technology integration. 


Two-years after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, technology is flooding into the classroom; however, in many instances, pedagogy is taking a back seat to tech tool use. The Curriculum and Integration coaching team changed their title from "Technology Integration Specialists" to "Instructional Design Coaches" to clarify our coaching work and promote the importance of sound instructional practice with technology.


An influx in coaching positions in schools have left many coaches entering the role without an experienced support network or access to training specific to their coaching role. The Forward Edge coaching team created this professional learning network, EDU Coach Network, to support coaches everywhere through community and relevant professional learning. 

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