Virtual Coaches Camp Alumni Event 2023

June 14th, 2023

A day for coaches who have the foundations of Coaches Camp under their belt and want to move beyond the basics. 

We are so excited to welcome Coaches Camp alumni back with a whole new line-up of learning created specifically for experienced coaches.

The Coaches Camp Alumni Event offers a mix of leadership and advanced learning sessions, round table discussion, and peer poster presentations. 

Start by learning critical leadership skills to go from peer support to leader of change in your school community. 

Engage in open discussions with other coach-leaders about shared challenges in education. 

Create a strategic plan for establishing a culture of coaching in your school community next year. 

Wrap up the day by helping other coaches find success and inspiration by presenting your own coaching "pride & joy" in casual peer poster sessions. 

Coaches will

  • Create career-long connections with like-minded instructional coaches
  • Learn critical leadership skills to amplify their coaching impact. 
  • Process and strategize around common challenges with other coaches
  • Discover strategies to create a culture of coaching that supports ALL educators
  • Support the growth of other coaches through peer poster sessions

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If you're torn because you want BOTH - the Alumni Event AND the general Coaches Camp experience- we've got an option for you! 

You've participated in the core sessions of Coaches Camp (at least once, some of you TWICE!). But you may be interested in getting some of the breakout session content that you missed in previous years. We want to open up access to the breakout sessions at a discounted price. 

If you'd like to attend the Alumni Event on June 14th AND hop into the breakout sessions of your choice on June 13th, just add the "Alumni Event Add-On" to your purchase by checking the box at the bottom of this checkout form. 

DIRECTIONS FOR PAYING BY PURCHASE ORDER: Enter coupon code PAYBYPO at checkout. A member of our team will follow up to coordinate payment. 


Questions? Reach out to Brooke Conklin at [email protected]

$300.00 USD

Get the best of both worlds. 

Attend the breakout sessions from Coaches Camp on June 13th AND the Alumni Event on June 14th. 

(Add-on cost $100)