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Up Next: Upping Your GAME With Genially.

FREE Webinar for Instructional Coaches | April 12th, 2023 | 2pm EST

Featuring Genially Ambassador and Digital Learning Coach, James Flaskamp

The symptoms: dull, boring, monotonous classes. The cure: gamified lessons with GENIALLY! Join Digital Learning Coach and Certified Genially Ambassador James Flaskamp as he guides you through the process of gamifying lessons and empowering student choice with Genially. Come get energized and equipped with game-based learning activities to inspire teachers and students to become game-makers themselves. You’ll leave this webinar with a pack of ready-made resources and practical ideas that can be applied tomorrow.

Upping Your GAME With Genially

FREE WEBINAR for instructional coaches. 

We want to help your teachers make learning "can't wait to tell the next class about it" fun. Save your spot and join us inside! 









What Can You Expect Out of This Webinar?

School should be fun. We want to see classrooms of students where smiles are abundant, teachers are revered for their incredible lesson planning, and knowledge is pursued like gold. As a coach, you can bring new ideas, excitement, and technology to teachers and classrooms to make this vision a reality. Tune in & help your teachers gamify instruction!

Genially gamification and choice board examples (all reusable)

Where to get started with gamification? Explore some ready-made resources to get off the ground.

Overview of the process of gamifying a lesson

From start to finish, learn the process of gamifying lesson content- jot down some notes to guide your teachers through this [FUN] work too. 

Tips & tricks for interactive game design

Learn from the Pro (James) to make gamification efficient and effective. We can't promise you a job at Nintendo, but we can promise a new confidence for lesson gamification.

Learn how to gamify instruction.

Whether you are new to gamification or are a seasoned veteran- this webinar promises to give you valuable insights and resources to make learning FUN. 

Join us as we talk about:

  • Genially gamification & choice board examples
  • The process of gamifying a lesson
  • Tips and Tricks for interactive game design

PLUS- We've got a resource pack with guides and templates for games, choice boards, and breakouts (all reusable). 

See you soon! 

Oh & PS- Don't forget to check out the paired Virtual Workshop happening 1 week after this event. Stay tuned!

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Let's dive in! Join us and help your teachers gamify their instruction.

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