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What is a Coaching Squad?

Coaching Squads are a small group of 5-8 coaches who meet weekly for ~30 minutes a week to discuss high interest topics, give and receive feedback, discover new ideas, and thrive with the support of community. 

Squads create a supportive environment for conversation while helping coaches focus on challenges at hand and identify actionable solutions. 

Upcoming Coaching Squad Dates:

Deadline to ApplySeptember 15th

Notification of Squad Assignment: September 19th

Squad Meeting Window: September 25th - December 15th

How does it work?

Coaching Squads are designed with instructional coaches in mind. Meet at the same day and time for 30 minutes each week. Squads run between 8-12 weeks depending on the number of coaches in each squad.

Squads are structured around four types of meetings:

1. Kickoff- Welcome and introduction meeting.

2. Crucial Convos- Common topics decided on by the squad to discuss in depth. (Navigating Complex Coaching Scenarios, Enhancing Your Coaching Resilience, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in Coaching, etc)

3. Hot Seats- Each coach has one call entirely dedicated to discussing their coaching challenges and goals. This is a great opportunity for each member to provide advice and share ideas to support the hot seat coach.

4. Reflection- A dedicated time to reflect on what we're taking away from squads and what are plans for coaching are moving forward!

Squad Mod(erator)s Needed!

What will a Squad Mod do?

Squad Mod(erator)s serve as the facilitator of their squad. Their main objective is to create a positive, inclusive, and safe place for coaches in the squad to share their experiences, ideas, and thoughts. 

No experience is needed to be a squad mod! All squad mods will receive a squad mod guide with everything you need to know to run a successful squad. We'll provide detailed instructions, starting questions, and helpful pointers to make your job a breeze.  

Squad Mod Responsibilities

As a Squad Mod, you're responsible for...

1. Setting up your squad's recurring virtual meeting. (Zoom, Meet, Teams, etc.)

2. Adjusting the Squad's schedule of Crucial Convos and Hot Seats.

3. Facilitating the weekly meeting (or, if you need to miss a meeting, designate a backup Squad Mod to facilitate the meeting in your place).

Squad Mod Perks

⭐All squad mods will be recognized in the EDU Coach Network Newsletter and on our social media channels. 

⭐Plus, we've got some great swag boxes of EDU Coach Network gear to send you!

How do I sign up to be a Squad Mod?

Indicate that you are interested in serving as a squad mod on your sign up form. Selected squad mods will be notified via email and provided with a Squad Mod facilitator's guide.

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Coaching squad windows open twice a year, in September for Fall squads, and in February for Spring squads. Login to your All-Access member portal using the button below to sign up for the next available Coaching Squad. 

*Coaching squads are available for All-Access EDU Coach Network members. 

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